Chapter by Chapter, Scripture in Context

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…So much goes missed when you just hear a verse here and there in Church on Sunday.
Studying the Scripture in my group as we wrestle with some of the answers,
The Bible has begun to come alive to me…


Each Study is designed to be studied chapter by chapter. 18 questions for each chapter, with more for further study, sets the stage for understanding the flow of Scripture within its own context. The key point to these studies is that there is no answer key. The answer key is Scripture itself. The only wrong answer is one that does not come from the scripture. Each answer must be accompanied by the verse in which the answer is found.

There are many ways to study God’s Story and the story of His people. This website provides a unique way for groups to discover and discuss scripture, or for individuals to study on their own. Come and learn, come and see, come and drink from the fountain of Living Water, the Word given for the World.

Come and join thousands of people from hundreds of countries who are discovering just how simple these studies are to use.

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Bill and Carolyn DeLaughter
Bill and Carolyn DeLaughter

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